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The Chakra Man pendant shows us an awareness of ourselves as receivers,

 containers, concentrators, and radiators of seven rays of conscious-energy.  

The word chakra in the language of yoga means wheel of a spinning conscious 

force.  In meditation and other spiritual practice, we become aware of seven 

vibrating energy frequencies that our physical body, energy field and spiritual 

awareness is made of.  

According to ancient Yogic scriptures, our body has 114 chakras, but these 7, 

shown here in the Chakra Man, are the major ones.  

The Root Chakra, or Muladhara, often seen or depicted as dark red or brown, at 

the base of our spine, is one with the Earth element beneath us.  It is the most 

material of the seven levels.

It gives us stability, safety, peace, and grounded-ness.  Wearing earthy colors, 

trusting, no coma and relying on people, on time, circumstance and on ourselves, 

opens us at this level.

The Sacral Chakra, or Svadhisthana, generally orange or golden, is at 

the hips, sex organs, pubis, and sacrum.  Sexuality, sensuality, and stimulation of 

all sorts and all energy manifestations arise from here.  If we are not 

open and alive at this level of organic-watery-fiery life, we tend 

to be insensitive, enervated, dull, emotionally, and physically blocked.  And if we 

are stuck with too much life force, we will become obsessively passionate, 

oversensitive, and overindulgent.  Embracing and embodying life’s intensity with 

innocence and playfulness opens this chakra in a healthy way.

The Solar Plexus, or Manipura, is a brightest golden orange like the sun, 

and is situated between the navel and the breastplate.  This chakra is 

the seat of our will and our strength of self-assertion.  Self-esteem, confidence, 

control, and focus radiate from here.  If we are not fully alive at this level, we will 

be prone to fear, timidity, shyness, frustration, lack of concentration, and 

ultimately depression because the fire must have its way.

The Heart Chakra, or Anahata, is of the air element and mediates between the 

lower levels of body, life, and mind, and upper three levels of consciousness, bliss 

and truth.  Love is truly in the air, moving freely at best, and connecting all aspects

of our being fully human in these bodies together.  A poorly integrated 

heart center is a sad and lonely condition of the self.  The heart chakra is 

traditionally associated with the color green.  Through the heart 

we embrace our psychic life and open to our spiritual selves.

The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha, is of the ether element, which is space and 

silence.   All manner of expression in space such as sound, light, gesture, voice, 

art, creativity and movement, are proper to this level.  Here we manifest our 

uniquely individual ray of consciousness within the universal play of energy.  All 

tones of blue and deep purple, as well as black, belong to the vastness of the 


The Ajna Chakra, also called the 3rd Eye, is at the forehead, eyes, and frontal 

cortex.  When activated inner and outer seeing, intellectual, intuitive, sensory, 

and extra sensory perception, and unfaltering spiritual cognition, manifest with 

ease and power.  All colors are associated with this chakra as well as the blinding 

golden white light that is brightness itself.

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, also referred to as the “thousand petaled lotus,” 

transmutes and embodies all the substance, energy, and consciousness of our being 

from the base to the crown.  At this level we are elevated and exalted, open to 

receive from and to merge with infinity, eternity, and immortality.    Within this 

great silence and intense wideness there is complete and total oneness.

The crown chakra opens to a scintillating ever changing field of all color and 


When we are awake simultaneously on all seven levels, we partake in a flow 

which is enlivening, vastly conscious, and blissfully integrating our humanity 

and divinity in the world.  We are at peace, fully energized and connected to 

all that is here and now. Synchronicity, harmony, and balance are intrinsic to the

seven-fold creation in which we magically abide.

~Samuel Kiwasz

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