Our Story

When one thinks of India, often thoughts of color, sents, textiles, and gemstones come to mind. India is a beautiful country, with so much potential, and yet a vast portion of the population has minimal access to the luxuries of modern living. It is not uncommon to find slums next to higher establishments; neither is hard to find smiles coming from impoverished children dancing in the streets.

For over 25 years, our family has handcrafted jewelry and other decorative objects directly from our home in Jaipur, India. At first, we employed others to help us make our products but quickly realized this was not helping our community as the caste system in India holds people hostage to poor living standards. Today we sponsor seven families whom we teach artisan skills to, rewarding their hard work with a chance to purchase better food and shelter and higher education for their children.

To us, Sacred Pendants are beautiful and powerful energetic jewelry made with a higher purpose to uplift the user's mind, body, and spirit. The geometry symbols we use encourages harmony and balance in life.

As we move along, we are meeting other generous personalities with the same giving energy as us. We team up wherever we can. To bring a remarkable change in society, we need to connect with more and more people who wish to serve the lower 90% of society.