Fifth Dimension, Pentaract, Hypercube- Sacred Geometry

Fifth Dimension Sacred PendantFifth DimensionFifth Dimension Sacred pendant

When we move from the 4 th to the 5 th dimension, according to Einstein, we are adding the element of gravity. The pendant that represents this progression, is called the Penteract, 5 th dimensional hypercube. Pente means 5 dimensions in Greek. Einstein stated that gravity is explained by the fact that our 3 dimensional space is not uniform, and that it is curved in a higher 5 th dimension.

Spiritually we can arrive at the 5 th dimension through an open heart. The shift
cannot occur until we have removed old emotional densities and programs that are
no longer relevant. The 5 th dimension is about Oneness Consciousness with those
around us and with God. Feelings of fear, safety, and lack of trust no longer seems
as relevant. As your vibration becomes faster than the physical density of 3D
Earth, the 5 th dimensional being has access to parallel universes and alternate
realities. You can now experience and get to participate in the living multi-
dimensionality of a unified Creation.

Love prevails because our actions are led from the heart. Emotions are still present,
but you do not allow them to dictate how you feel. Your mind is quieter, and you
tend to live in the present moment with increased intuitive abilities. Manifestation
is easier and synchronicities tend to occur more often from a place of being at one
with divine timing. ~Samuel Kiwasz

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