Fourth dimension- Sacred Geometry

When we look at Sacred Geometry from the perspective of traveling into and through the dimensions,
we start at dimension zero, and we see and experience only a point in space. In the first dimension, all
and everything is a line between two points. Transitioning to the second dimension, we add width to
the equation, thus producing a square. When we add depth to the length and width, we are entering
into the three-dimensional cube.

We can talk about the fourth dimension, but we are not literally able to see it. However, we can
experience it as the living flow of time. The crop circle above gives us a visual representation of the
Fourth dimension. It appeared at Barbury Castle, England in 1991. The three-dimensional space, void of
time, is static and dark. We are now transiting from the Age of Darkness into the new Golden Age
because it is time.

~Samuel Kiwasz

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