Golden Mean- Sacred Geometry

The Golden Mean Spiral consists of an equilateral triangle (all three sides are equal in length 

and internal angles are equal as well) and with a spiral starting in the central point, that runs 

through the triangle and beyond.  The Equilateral triangle represents balance, stability, and 

harmony.  Great things come in threes: the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth; Father, Son and 

Holy Spirit; God, Man, and World; Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss; Body, Mind Spirit; you, me 

and our shared reality; father, mother, and child; and luck: third times a charm.  

The triangle was used in ancient civilizations as a symbol of the Deity.  For Egyptians, it was the 

trowel, as well as for the Masonry, to spread the cement which binds all the parts of the 

building into one common mass.  On the symbolic level, Free Masons are taught to spread the 

cement of affection and kindness, which unites all the members of the Masonic 

family worldwide, into one companionship of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

This Golden Mean Spiral comes out of the Golden Ratio which is made from connecting the 

diagonals of rectangles based on the Fibonacci Ratio 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, 21…  Our Milky 

Way Galaxy follows the golden spiral path as does the nautilus, pinecone, sunflower, inside of 

our ear, fingerprints, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Golden Mean Blog Sacred Geometry

The Golden Mean Spiral also represents a liberated circle…as one breaks free of the repeated 

patterns in one’s life one will evolve into higher and wider levels of being and expression.  

Golden Mean Blog Sacred GeometryGolden Mean Blog Sacred Geometry

The Golden Mean Spiral message is: “Become All You Can Become.”  While 

keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, while here on Earth, through the 

spiraling of your consciousness, you may reach the stars!   

~Samuel  Kiwasz

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