Merkavah- Sacred Geometry

Merkavah Sacred Pendant

The Merkavah is an interdimensional light vehicle that secretly lies dormant in the material of
our bodies, and when activated from the heights of spiritual consciousness encompasses the
whole body-mind-soul continuum. It can transport our consciousness and energy, and
sometimes our physical body as well, through universal portals into higher dimensional

The Merkavah, means “chariot” in Hebrew and is derived from the root verb “to assemble.” It
consists of two intertwining three dimensional triangles: a) the masculine mind, based in
matter, is an ascending pyramid drawing energy from the divine firmament above b) The
feminine psyche abiding in heaven is a vortex pointing downwards to draw energy from the
earthly firmament below.

There is an Egyptian version of the Merkavah which is MerKaBa. It consists of Mer: rotating
fields of light, Ka: spirit, and BA: soul. The Merkavah is in fact a three-dimensional Star of
David or Seal of Solomon; and carries within it the dual power of the soul both transcending
and inhabiting our finite temporal world.

One can meditate in the Merkavah as counter-rotating fields of light, experiencing wheels
within wheels of energy that transport us from one dimension to another. When you
integrate your mind (thinking), life (feeling), and body (substance) into a coherent pattern of
spiritual light, you may transcend the limitations of physical space/time reality. Once free
from the restrictions of space and time, you have initiated the process of ascent, and take off
in the Merkavah into Godlike realms of energy, substance, and consciousness.

And so, it is important to approach and gaze upon this sacred symbol which is itself an actual
portal, with the plasticity that comes through an open mind, an open heart, and conscious
body. The Merkavah can be understood as a Chariot of the Gods, a divine light vehicle that is
used by seekers who wish to ascend, to reach and connect to their infinite, eternal, and
immortal nature.  ~Samuel Kiwasz

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