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 sacred geometry pendantsOm is the primordial sound of creation. It  is the vibration of the universe at its origin. From this first sound, all other vibrations, energies, and structures manifest. It is also a means by which we may set aside everything else and turn to the silence within, around, and above. Chanting Om inspires us to open to the Supreme presence.  

 Om is actually a-u-m, symbolic of the three major Indian deities: Brahma (creator), Vishnu (sustainor), and Shiva (destroyer and liberator). In the ancient Hindu text, the Upanisads, Om is considered the essence of Brahman, the ultimate reality, the eternal bliss.  

Om embodies the body-less essence of the universe. It is uttered at the beginning and end of Indian ritual: prayers, chants, and meditations, and is also used by Buddhists and Jains, and very popular in the New Age. From the 6th century on, the written symbol designating the sound has been used to mark the beginning of a text in manuscripts and inscriptions.


OM meaning

Each part of the symbol has a meaning…

The long curve on the bottom of the Om symbol is Vaishvanara and represents the waking state of consciousness of the outer, material world.

The second curve, the one that comes from the center, is Taijasa, the dream state awareness, the one that is open inward to subtle thought, feeling, and sensation.

 The upper curve of the Om symbol is Prajna, the third state of consciousness, which is revealed in peaceful sleep and deep meditation.

 The crescent seen in the Om symbol represents the veil of material illusion, which needs to be penetrated before we may enter the fourth stage of deepest sleep.

The fourth state of consciousness known as Turiya is the transcendental self, the ultimate goal of meditation. This is represented by the small dot in the upper right hand of the Om symbol.

 Om is the vibration that inspires positivity, good energy, good feeling, and good action.  It is the greatest of all the mantras, and is therefore sacred to the whole world.

 The chanting of Om at the beginning and end of yoga sessions helps to bring teacher and students into resonance. This unifying sound creates a peaceful, energized, calming effect. Om is one of the most important symbols in yoga and is found on many items of clothing, yoga mats, posters, pendants, etc.

Om is said to be the first sound of creation, and although we might hear it loudly, it may also be barely audible or the very sound of the silent: dynamic, vast, and empty.  

The Om symbol or the Om sound is considered to be the very living, divine Presence. This powerful mantra integrates our consciousness, energy, and substance into The All That Is.

 ~Samuel Kiwasz 

samuel kiwasz


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