Phoenix Rising- Sacred Geometry

Phoenix Rising Sacred Pendant

The story of the Phoenix has been handed-down through the ages and is likely 

one of the most well-known ancient myths.  The mythical Phoenix which features 

centrally in several occult/spiritual traditions, signifies the cycle of creation, 

preservation and destruction, with an emphasis on the fresh beginnings 

appearing within the eternal flow.  The phoenix is ourselves, body, life and mind,  

coming to an end and beginning afresh. Key words here are power, regeneration 

and transformation.


Associated with the sun, the phoenix arises into new life from its own ashes.  

Rising from the cloud of darkness and flame, in the dignity of her sacred ashes, 

beating her wings through all life vicissitudes, victorious, she is reborn and all that 

has passed has become future.  Therefore, phoenix is a symbol of rebirth from the 

ashes of the past.


 As early as 500 B.C., legends decreed that the ancient mythical creature

would live for 500 years. Near life’s end, she would build a funeral pyre 

for herself, lay down, and burst into flames, consumed by the fire. And 

immediately re-emerge from the ashes purified and more regal than before, she 

would live for another 500 years, then again die and be reborn. 

Such is the nature of our evolutionary path.  As we experience the fullness of 

what life has to offer, both wonderful and terrible, we grow into more of 

ourselves, benefiting from all lessons with new mind, new life, 

new body.

 The mythical phoenix, named as such by the Greeks, can be found in many 

cultures: the Egyptian Benu bird, the Jewish Milcham, the Persian Simurgh, the 

native American Thunderbird, the Russian Firebird, the Chinese Feng Huang, and 

the Japanese HoHo bird.  

There is an old saying that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and if 

indeed, we do die, the fire, which is the strength within us, will inevitably be 

reborn.  Everything in creation is obviously or secretly on fire and all is created, 

sustained, and destroyed by it.  Reborn, whether in this life or the next, we are 

renewed, refreshed and perhaps better equipped to meet the power and embody 

it fully.

~Samuel Kiwasz

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