Septagram- Sacred Geometry

The Septagram is referred to by the Wiccans, who follow the Faery
tradition, as the Elven or Fairy star. In Sacred Geometry, it is called the
heptagon. The Septagram has as at its seven points: The Sun, the Forest,
the Sea, Magic, the Moon, the Wind, and the all Connecting Spirit. It can
also have the seven planets, that were known to early alchemists, or the
seven alchemical substances: fire, water, air, earth, sulfur, salt and

The Septagram is also known within Christian tradition as a symbol of
protection, the seven points representing the seven days of creation with
God as their center. This carries through into its use as a planetary symbol,
as each point not only represents one of the traditional "seven wandering
stars," but also the corresponding days of the week.
Within the ancient tradition of Kabbalah, the seven-pointed star represents
the sphere of Venus and her power of love. And in Islam, this symbol is
used to represent the first seven verses in the Quran.
And we can also see in it the seven directions: North, South, East, West,
Above, Below and Within; as well as the 7 th or Crown chakra, that is
powerfully abundant with all spiritual potentialities.

~Samuel Kiwasz

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