Sixth Dimension- Sacred Geometry

Sixth Dimension Sacred Geometry by Samuel Kiwasz







The Sixth Dimension can be entered when the third eye, or ajna chakra, is fully
open, and is in Oneness with every divine aspect of the Cosmic Hologram.  As you
become increasingly aware of those Beings of Light such as angels, devas, and
gods; you partake in their consciousness, and you become more playful, joyful, and
vast. The colors, sounds, sensory perceptions, and thoughts are very intense and
subtle as they mix and mingle through each other pouring forth from the mind of

The sixth Dimension is often referred to as Miracle Space, where a Peace, which
passes all human understanding, exists, and abides in our consciousness, energy,
and substance. Here you are in direct contact with grace manifesting through you.
The Earth Grid matrix (see image above) represents the oversoul of Planet Earth.
It is alive and conscious here within the Sixth Dimension. Being awake at this level
means having powerfully integrated interests in the wellbeing and welfare of
Mother Earth.

Sixth dimensional Oneness with the all-seeing, all feeling, all knowing, is the state
of perfection in which Jesus effected miracles over 2000 years ago. This frequency
of Divine Innocence and Love is the energy of Paradise that will and does manifest
here on Earth. In the Sixth Dimension, we serve as conduits of the highest
intention for perfection in all situations, thus preparing ourselves for the perfect
integration of All This Is in the transcendental seventh dimension.

~Samuel Kiwasz

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