Spring Forward with Flower of Life

The predominant nature of our Universe is it’s yearning to grow and expand.  And with the arrival of Spring, the well planted Seed of Life bursts upon manifestation as the Flower of Life.  This is the pristine essence of Sacred Geometry.  One structure evolves into another…the 7 circles become 19 overlapping and interconnected circles.

The Flower of life is found inscribed on many ancient structures and artistic expressions throughout the world.  It metaphorically can be symbolized as the interconnectedness of all things, or “the Oneness of Creation”.
This design radiates such intrinsic beauty, just like the flowers in the field, they give because that is their nature…just like God does in its graciousness.  Receive her beauty, smell her fragrance, and meditate on the Divine.
~Samuel Kiwasz

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