Sri Yantra Mandala- Sacred Geometry

Sri Yantra Mandala sacred pendantSri Yantra MandalaSri Yantra Mandala sacred pendant

The Sri Yantra Symbol is also called Sri Chakra.

This great mandala is often seen in both Hindu and Tibetan 

iconography.  It is an ancient diagram going back thousands of years in 

the Vedic Tradition and is known as the most powerful and beautiful of 

all yantras.   A yantra is a visual portal enabling the spiritual practitioner 

to engage in a profoundly cosmic and vastly spiritual state of being.

Sri Yantra is the Yantra of Creation embodying the sound of the 

Universe, which is Om, the central current of creation arising from its

source.  The four triangles pointing up are masculine, the witnessing consciousness of shiva.   The five triangles pointing down are feminine, the materializing energy of shakti.

The Vedic tradition holds this grand symbol as the source of all energy, light, and creativity.  The infinite power of the goddess, her very force, form, and body of the goddess herself…is the “Queen of all that exists.”

For the yogi and spiritual seeker, the Sri Yantra can be used in one’s 

spiritual program.  Many steps ascending and descending to the central 

point or bindu, ultimately unifies the practitioner with his or her 

source, enlightening and transmuting them. 

The Sri Yantra is known to appear to the inner vision of realized masters 

in the deep state of contemplation called Samadi.

The Sri Yantra takes one to the place of origin in unity where we merge with supreme being-consciousness-bliss.  As you meditate on the bindu point and through the whole constructed space around it you will pass through matter into energy and merge with the divine infinite and eternal SatChitAnanda 

This magnificent mandala is a devise that receives and radiates the divine shakti.  It will delete negative vibrations and bring the greatest of good fortune.

~Samuel Kiwasz

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