Tube Torus- Sacred Geometry

Tube Torus Sacred PendantTube TorusMerkavah

Everything in space/time goes through a revolving cycle: evolution and involution, birth, 

life, and death, upwards and downwards, inwards and outworks, and forward and 

backward.  Within the Tube Torus, the Spirit descends into matter, and then as matter 

ascends from matter back up through the central channel or tube of energy and 

consciousness into spirit.  The Tube Torus is an endless flow that cycles through and 

around our bodies inclusive of all that we think, feel, sense, want, and do.  It is 

simultaneously spiritual, psychical, and material. 

When we are flowing, glowing, and growing there is happiness, health, good 

concentration and ease.  Our consciousness, energy and substance are in alignment 

with our purpose and with All That Is, and our being turns in an exquisite toroidal 


Conversely, when someone is unwell, unhealthy, upset, blocked, or out of 

balance, their consciousness-energy-substance will twist and turn unevenly, pocketed, 

contorted and dis-integrated.  They are not in harmony with purpose, nor with the 

universal flow of life.  The abundant flow is stifled, frustrated, and sadly 


However, whatever it is that is holding us back, will last for longer or shorter periods. 

We will come back again and again in this life and in the next to work through and 

resolve and dissolve our self-created patterns, concerns, and issues.  This is how we 

grow to become more of our Self, in greater harmony and balance with our soul’s path, 

and with the Universe at large.

It is through a practice called the activation of the Merkavah that the body and soul’s

magnetic toroidal field is established and purposefully evolved; thus, aligning us

with toroidal field of the Earth, our Solar System and Galaxy.  

Indeed, when the Merkavah is activated, we are in full tube torus manifestation, and we 

become a reflection of our highest potential.  Everything works itself through, we are on 

top of our game, and we are “in the Zone”, integrated, united with Mother Earth and the 

all-witnessing Spirit above.  Ideally and most gloriously, we are receivers and 

transmitters of precision in goodwill, love, abundant energy, and universal wisdom.  All 

of this amidst the fullness of the torus flow in full possession of the divine, “back in the 

saddle again.”

Relax and feel the movement of those angles and curves, the vortex will take 

you for a ride, establishing your connection between spirit and matter.  We experience 

that by balancing the way energy flows within and outside, we arrive at harmonious 


Let us observe that the diagram of the Tube Torus Pendant is a view through the central 

vertical channel of the Tube Torus.  Let us gaze at the pendant alternating between 

looking right at the center in stillness, breathing deeply and while doing so, seeing 

peripherally what is happening around, and then swinging the gaze in a circular 

fashion around the periphery and then returning to the center.  In movement there is 

the depth of stillness and in stillness there is the wideness of movement. 

~Samuel Kiwasz

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