sacred geometry pendants seal of rassilon
Seal of Rassilon Limited Edition -Sacred Geometry Gemstone Pendant - Crystals - EMF protection

Seal of Rassilon Limited Edition -Sacred Geometry Gemstone Pendant - Crystals - EMF protection

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Seal of Rassilon -Sacred Geometry Gemstone Pendant - Crystals - EMF protection

Sacred Pendants integrate concentration , creativity , beauty , balance , abundance , love , joy and healing .

Sacred Geometry Pendants are truly meaningful gifts that represent ageless wisdom , while serving as an invaluable , modern tool in achieving the unlimited potential that we all seek in our road towards Self Realization .


The healing properties of the Gemstones , combined with the power of the Sacred Patterns , creates distinctive Functional Healing Jewelry

Black Tourmaline is associated with the First Chakra ; considered to be one of the most potent gemstones for dispelling negativity while providing powerful protection .

Lapis Lazuli aids in opening the Sixth Chakra , as well as assists in dreamtime work ; enhances connection with the Higher Self .

Malachite is an excellent stone to help open the Heart Chakra ; a powerful tool to assist with good concentration and increased psychic vision .

Turquoise is primarily associated with the Fifth ( throat ) Chakra ; allows for more effective communication and strengthens bonds of friendship .

Red Coral is good for taming tempers , rages and compulsive disorders ; also helps stimulate intuition and increase libido .


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Clarice Gutmann
Rassilon pendant.

64.00 is still way to expensive they go for 14.00 and 20 other places but I dont like the chains. I could understand 39.00 or 45.00 but higher than that no. The blue background is great, perfect color blue... But the gold needs to be a darker tone, and hot pink needs to be a sparkly cherry or crimson RED because that's the Time Lords colors. Not hot pink which is don't like. It doesn't look nice. If it wasn't for those 2 things, price, and original color, I'd buy several.